eric wood

Roomba Hacking presentation

Sorry for the delay on this!

December 1st I gave a presentation at austin.rb covering the basics of Roomba hacking…in Ruby!

The talk goes over all the work that went into the Rumba gem I’ve been working on.

If you’ve ever been interested in pushing bits around at a low level in a high-level language, this is a great starting point. It goes over key concepts like endianness, Array#pack, bitmasking, etc.!

Note that some of these slides are really meant for me to be talking over them. If you have ANY questions hit me up!


SASS presentation!

Hey everyone!

I’ve prepared a presentation going over SASS for our Spiceworks “lunch and learn”. It covers pretty much all of the different language constructs, and has some cool examples that you might find handy!

Anyways, I’ve thrown the slides up here for those interested…they should be fairly easy to follow without me talking, but hit me up however if you have questions!

Rumba 0.1 released

Several years ago I wrote this weird Ruby library that speaks the Roomba protocol as part of my senior design project in college. It was pretty cool and seemed to work well.

Today, I rediscovered the code and have thrown it into a gem for all to enjoy! There are a few other alternatives to it, of course, such as Artoo, but those are wrappers around much larger libraries, and overkill for simple tinkering! This lib is a native implementation (the protocol is dead simple), and the only dependency is the serialport gem. It’s a lot of fun to hack on and adapt into other projects, there’s no extra complexity!

Check it out:

What are you waiting for? Go gem install rumba right away!