It finally happened!

After neglecting excel2latex for a long time, I’ve finally gotten around to adding a few improvements.

Previously, there was no way to select which workbook you wanted to convert; the script defaulted to the first one and ignored all others. This was due to the limited amount of time I had available when working on the project initially (it was a huuuuuuuge hack). A few users pointed out that this really inconvenienced them, so I took a little bit of time today to add that functionality.

Now, when an excel file is dragged onto the page, you get a dropdown box that allows you to switch between the different workbooks. Hooray! Also note that I’ve made it so the contents of the text box get selected when you click on it, saving valuable time.

Thanks a ton to everyone who has been using my silly little hack of a project! I never really imagined anyone but myself taking advantage of it, so seeing the usage stats has been a pleasant surprise! :)

Want to help out with the project? I read every single issue posted to the Github repository, and really need the feedback…there’s too many edge cases for me to test it fully in my spare time.